AI-based sales assistant for high technology solutions


Our partner offers its customers full service around coating processes. No standard solutions, but specially adapted components and materials for the respective process are assembled. This requires highly complex expert knowledge of the sales department, which must also be offered to the customer in such a way that the individual solutions are easily and quickly understood. The goal of our co-innovation is to map this knowledge in an intelligent tool and to provide the sales department with support.


We build up an AI corpus from existing data sheets and instructions, which is able to answer product specific questions. In sales, our partner uses a variety of documents such as product data sheets and manuals. From this library we build the corpus and train an algorithm to answer questions about the content. Therefore the documents are first standardized and translated. Afterwords the software is tested using test questions that are answered by the AI.


The new, intelligent tool supports employees in customer meetings by mapping and providing existing expertise. Above all, this also helps the customers to understand the individual solutions and the advantages of the systems more easily and faster. To enable sales staff to carry the assistance system with them, the solution will soon be available in the form of an app.

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