AI pioneers unimpressed by corona pandemic

AI pioneers unimpressed by corona pandemic

Capgemini Study

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! – Why an investment in artificial intelligence pays off even during the crisis

Companies that are leading in the field of AI (artificial intelligence) are unaffected by the corona pandemic. This is the result of a study by Capgemini for which 950 companies from eleven countries and eleven industries were surveyed.

According to the survey, 78% of the AI pioneers among the companies have continued their activities in this area without restrictions, 21% have even accelerated the implementation. On the other hand, those firms that had a lot of catching up to do in terms of AI reduced their investment (43%) or even stopped it (16%).

Even though the study clearly shows: successfully implemented and scalable AI applications deliver tangible results and save companies time and money. Those who continued to rely on the use of AI during the Corona crisis have not regretted their investment. On the contrary – AI pioneers have seen an increase of at least 25% in sales of products and services, while minimizing customer complaints and security risks.

Can AI help making companies more crisis-proof?

The corona pandemic shows for the first time how AI-based technologies can be used to combat a global crisis. Among other things, they help identify risk groups, develop drugs faster, predict the spread of the virus and determine where a virus comes from. In concrete terms, AI is also used by the WHO (World Health Organization) to collect and pass on information on the pandemic or in the Corona Warning App.

But AI can not only help fight the virus itself. Used correctly, it also protects companies from the resulting economic consequences and makes them crisis-proof.

Used correctly, it also protects companies from the resulting economic consequences and makes them resistant to economic crises. Those who act anti-cyclically in economically uncertain times can expand their market share and significantly advance their company.

The technologies can not only be used to optimize already existing processes. Companies can also use artificial intelligence to develop completely new business models and thus establish a further mainstay that is less affected by external influences such as the corona pandemic than traditional business models.

Can small and medium-sized companies even afford to use AI?

Investing in the use of AI or even setting up completely new business models and this in times of crisis? This initially sounds as if it would not be possible for the vast majority of companies, especially SMEs. Because such a step towards the future surely costs a lot of money and requires a deep knowledge in the field.

With our Co-Innovation Model, we regularly prove that this does not always have to be the case. In this model, we combine our AI know-how with the branch knowledge of small and medium-sized companies and thus jointly create new solutions and new business models.

We share the costs from the development to the spin-off of a new company with our partners and keep them as low as possible with the help of our specially developed “AI modular system”.

Would you like to learn more about the possibilities of working with us? Then you are welcome to contact us.

The complete Capgemini study “The AI-powered enterprise: Unlocking the potential of AI at scale” is available here.


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