Deloitte study on AI – German companies are at eye level with global competition

Deloitte study on AI – German companies are at eye level with global competition

AI projects pay off – within a very short time

German companies are already well positioned in the use of artificial intelligence and AI projects pay for themselves within a short time. This is the result of a worldwide study by Deloitte.

For the third time now, the management consultancy has surveyed 2,700 AI experts worldwide for the “State of AI in the Enterprise Survey”, including 200 from Germany. The study distinguished between three categories of companies: experts, experienced and starters.

Cooperation with external AI experts as a key factor for success

The results of the international study show that the majority of the AI projects are amortised in less than two years. For German companies the amortization period is even shorter. According to Deloitte, this is often due to the use of external AI experts. About 55% of German companies rely on external competences. Compared to the other countries (Australia, Canada, China, France, Great Britain, Japan, the Netherlands and the USA), this is five percentage points more.

The fear of AI has decreased

In addition, the valuation of the risks associated with the use of artificial intelligence has certainly shifted compared to the previous year. The greatest fears in Germany (also towards foreign companies) relate to a lack of transparency in AI decisions (23% of respondents mentioned this point) and the potential loss of jobs (22% of mentions). In contrast, the general security concerns associated with the use of AI-based systems, at 19% in Germany, are significantly lower than worldwide.

No time for resting

All in all, it is clear that German companies are largely on a par with their international competitors when it comes to integrating artificial intelligence. To ensure that this stays that way, German companies and especially SMEs should continue to expand their AI strategy and make even greater use of the opportunities for cooperation with industry experts.

A well-proven model for cooperation between SMEs and AI experts is our tried and tested co-innovation model. You can find out more here.

You can download the complete Deloitte study here.

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