Digital concierge for the hotel industry


Hotels receive many standard requests for rooms, service and offers every day. Our partner, operator of a designer hotel in Frankfurt am Main, wants to take advantage of current developments in the field of AI and support reception staff in standard communication with guests. However, the personal touch should not be lost, as the hotel attaches great importance to individual style. The goal is a mix of quick accessibility, rapid implementation of wishes and individual approach to the guests.


Together, we are developing a digital concierge for the hotel industry that takes the pressure off hotel employees. For this purpose, technology from the field of “Natural Language Processing” (NLP) is used. First, training data for the artificial intelligence is compiled and pre-processed, for example e-mails. Then the AI is trained to reliably understand standard requests and to respond to them precisely. An interface to the hotel’s own programs and booking systems is also planned at a later stage.


The digital concierge relieves the hotel staff from constantly answering identical inquiries. Instead, they can devote themselves to more complex inquiries or spend their time on personalized guest care. Through the combination of the personal touch of the employee and the digital concierge, the hotel remains true to its own style. With the AI project, our partner can also become the digital pioneer in the industry.

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