Digital tracker for machines and tools


Approximately 70 percent of working time in the construction industry is spent on preparation and follow-up work. Our co-innovation partner from the middle class is a Europe-wide operating specialist for the construction of furniture and equipment for ship interiors, hotel, object and store construction. The topic of tool management is a challenge for the company, because many vehicles have to be equipped with the right tools every day. This costs a lot of time – especially if you have to search for them first.


We are developing a “digital tracker” that can locate tools in vehicles. The devices are equipped with sensors whose signals are fed into an app. Artificial intelligence evaluates the signals so that the objects can be located with extreme accuracy almost in real time. Our approach is always close to practice: First we build and train the core of artificial intelligence. This “Proof of Concept” (PoC) is tested at an early stage of the project in order to find out whether the goals set can be achieved and to make any necessary adjustments.


The inefficient and frustrating search for tools is a thing of the past – thanks to the AI solution, employees quickly find what they need and have more time for their actual tasks. In this way, our partner saves enormous costs and promotes the satisfaction of his employees, because who likes to spend the majority of his working time looking for the right work equipment?

Is this solution of interest to your company? We’re happy to provide additional information.