Legally compliant and location-based time recording


Our client, a company in the facility management business is burdened by tedious and time-consuming documentation requirements. The presence of employees in certain buildings at certain times must be documented in paper form by physical signature. These documents (“timesheets”) are kept in the objects and must then be collected manually by other employees and transferred to a digital filing system (= the central time recording system). The whole process is slow, expensive and prone to errors.


Our team has developed a solution that couples location-based services with a legally binding electronic signature. An intelligent control logic based on building-based sensors records the access times fully automatically, so that the employees then only have to make a final check of the correct times and can sign these directly with a legally binding signature “at the push of a button” and write them directly into the administration’s database without any detours. The app runs on the employees’ smartphones, being embedded seamlessly into the real-life work process.


Significant cost savings by minimizing or completely eliminating unproductive activities such as the manual collection of time sheets from the objects. Avoiding errors during evaluation and manual transfer of data. Elimination of the time offset between on-site documentation (daily) and evaluation (only once a week).

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Legally compliant and location-based time recording