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Intelligent sales assistant for Möbel Martin

DDG AG develops AI- and data-based products and services in a co-innovation with medium-sized companies and establishes innovative joint ventures as a result.

Anyone who sells configurable products knows how complex sales talks can be. Our partner Möbel Martin wants to help its sales associates find the ideal mattress model for each customer in real-time. The first step is to find out the customer’s specific requirements, such as the dimensions and firmness of the mattress, and estimated budget.

Then, the specifications have to be matched with the extensive product range, which includes numerous models with different designs and delivery times.

Roxana Dragomir

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Roxana Dragomir

Partner & Business
Development Manager

Our Solution

To support the complex sales process and find the ideal mattress for each customer, we are developing an “intelligent sales assistant” with our partner.

The software knows all the different models and guides the salesperson to the required criteria for choosing the right product by asking customer-specific questions. Both “hard” measures such as size and price are taken into account, and “soft” standards such as the sustainable production of the mattress.

Value-added for our Partner

Sales assistants are made more productive by intelligent assistants and can concentrate on the conversation with the customer. Personal and professional advice wins out by eliminating the pressure to have every detail in your head.

The technical assistant also facilitates cross-selling and can also introduce additional products from the same department is another benefit for our partner.

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