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Intelligent Customer Reviews

Tool for improved customer service

DDG AG develops AI- and data-based products and services in a co-innovation with medium-sized companies and establishes innovative joint ventures as a result.

Customer reviews offer many benefits to customers looking for the right product. Through reviews, customers have the opportunity to build trust in a product or service. At the same time, they provide orientation for finding a suitable offer.

Companies can use positive reviews to improve their search engine marketing and gain valuable information about customer satisfaction. They gain free feedback, which enables them to continuously improve their products or services.

Roxana Dragomir

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Roxana Dragomir

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The Challenge

Our partner is considered to be the leading DIY group in Germany and has been awarded first place in overall customer satisfaction.

Every day, the company receives a large number of customer reviews from various portals such as Google or yelp. These are usually classified by individual employees according to different criteria, such as whether it is a positive or negative review, or a visit to the store or online store.

After successful classification, the ratings are assigned to specific departments, which then take care of them and develop appropriate measures for customer retention.

The Solution

Our solution classifies the incoming assessments automatically and forwards them directly to the relevant department.

The intelligent tool relieves employees of a routine task, allowing them to focus on higher value tasks.

In addition, based on the evaluated data, faster and more appropriate communication with customers is ensured and ideal customer care is provided to remain loyal to #1.

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