Case Study

Legally compliant and location-based time tracking

AI-based solution for facility management companies

DDG AG develops AI- and data-based products and services in a co-innovation with medium-sized companies and establishes innovative joint ventures as a result.

Our partner, a company in the facility management sector, is plagued by time-consuming and annoying documentation requirements. For example, the presence of employees in certain buildings at certain times must be documented in paper form by physical signature.

These documents (“timesheets”) are kept in the properties and must then be collected “by hand” by other employees and transferred to a digital filing system (= the central time tracking system). The entire process is slow, expensive and error-prone.

Roxana Dragomir

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Roxana Dragomir

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Our Solution

Our team has developed a solution that couples location-based services with a legally valid electronic signature. An intelligent controlling system based on sensors in the building automatically records the access times so that the employees only have to verify the correct times and can sign them “at the push of a button” in a legally valid manner and write them directly into the database of the administration without any extra steps.

The app runs on the employees’ smartphones and is thus “seamlessly” embedded in the workflow.

Added value for our Partner

Significant cost savings through minimization or complete elimination of unproductive activities, such as manual timesheets from objects.

Prevention of errors while evaluating and manually transferring the data. Elimination of the time offset between on-site documentation (daily) and evaluation (only 1x weekly).

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