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Smart fall detection app

Fall prevention 

DDG AG develops AI- and data-based products and services in a co-innovation with medium-sized companies and establishes innovative joint ventures as a result.

More personal safety thanks to artificial intelligence:

Together with SKYLOTEC, a full-range supplier of fall protection systems for industry and climbing, DDG is developing an app that can be used to detect, analyze and subsequently prevent falls in industrial climbing.

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The Challenge

Industrial climbing is an access method for working at high, low, or hard-to-reach work sites. The height workers or industrial climbers work at dizzying heights and are always double secured. For their work, they position themselves with the help of two systems, respectively two ropes: A suspension rope and a safety rope.

Rope access in the work operation is carried out using techniques that have evolved from the single-rope technique of caving or from abseiling and from climbing techniques. Despite these techniques, mistakes can happen and falls can occur.

The Solution

In order to make working at heights even safer in the future and to be able to quickly initiate a rescue chain, DDG AG and Skylotec GmbH have developed an app that can be used to detect, analyze and subsequently also better prevent falls during industrial climbing.

Behind the app is a machine learning model. The algorithm learns the movement and fall behavior of the industrial climber and thus helps to react better in case of a fall. The algorithm is trained with sensor data from the smartphone that the climber carries with him while working. The data is the basis on which the artificial intelligence independently detects and analyzes the fall.

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