AI-based analysis of “Hidden Star” customers


Our customer, a company from the service industry, has a customer base in the mid four-figure range. Due to the large number of customers, it is not possible to maintain an active relationship to all customers at all times. As a result, existing sales potentials at customers are not recognized at times, and therefore not realized.


We have developed a methodology for in-depth analysis of existing top customers using artificial intelligence. Through enrichment of data points, so-called cluster analyses are carried out in order to identify representative “data patterns” among top customers and to train the AI using these parameters. The trained AI is then applied to the entire customer base to uncover characteristic data patterns. The identified customers have an above-average probability of cross- and upselling.


This AI-generated target list leads to a significantly higher closing rate with the same number of sales employees, for given campaign. Sales efficiency and revenue per sales employee are noticeably increased. As a result, the average total revenue per campaign was increased by>15%.

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AI-based analysis of Hidden Star customers