DDG development team presents first milestone of the “DDG AI Toolbox Platform”

DDG development team presents first milestone of the “DDG AI Toolbox Platform”

Punctually at the end of June the first milestone of our “DDG AI Toolbox Platform” was completed under the leadership of our CTIO, Dr. Christian Gilcher, together with our Head of Platform, Can Yavuz and the complete Tech Team. A variety of pre-trained AI models from the areas of visual (e.g. object recognition on images), audio (speech recognition) and text (NLP) together with our “AI Infrastructure Lab” form the basis for state-of-the-art app development in the context of our co-innovation projects. With our platform, which is of course available to our startups, we pursue some explicit design goals that are crucial for the future use of AI in the business context. As a result, each of our start-ups has a decisive start-up advantage not only in terms of the market but also technologically, and a highly effective technical foundation for further growth.

Design goals of the DDG AI Toolbox Platform

Coupling of individual AI modules to map complex use cases
Individual AI modules can be combined with each other in a workflow-like manner in plug & play mode to map even complex use cases in a short time.

End-to-end automation with consistent legal certainty
AI services are only as good as the data with which they were trained. A well thought-out concept with an integrated model store, model ledger and model registry ensures legal certainty and maximum transparency and traceability on our platform.

Seamless integration into business processes The integration of AI services into real business processes is one of the potential Achilles heels of most AI services. Our platform has a large number of generic connectors in common business applications and thus allows a seamless embedding of “AI”

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