KI: With simple solutions to success

KI: With simple solutions to success

Medium-sized companies between concerns and the easily achievable success

It is often the small steps that have a big effect in the long run. Because: Once you have taken them, the next ones often follow, which together have a great effect. This is also the case with the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Many medium-sized companies are “afraid” to use the new technologies in their business. What effects does AI have on my process flows? How will the employees react? I don’t want to lay off any employees, so I prefer to keep my hands off artificial intelligence. These are typical reactions when it comes to the use of AI in German medium-sized businesses. Let’s face it: yes, AI can improve operational processes. Yes, AI can solve problems in the everyday life of a company.

Once you have taken the first small step, you will see the first results. You get bolder. Then comes the next one… fear is out of place.

Added value for the core business and individual divisions

Unlike technology giants such as Microsoft, Google’s parent company Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, or the Chinese Internet giant Baidu, who want to divide a trillion-dollar market among themselves with billion-dollar investments in AI, medium-sized companies should think more “of themselves”. It is not about the great disruption that is revolutionizing an entire sector, but about solving everyday problems. And here the deployment of AI must deliver added value for the core business or for individual business areas as quickly as possible. And all this at manageable costs.

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it is not about a revolution or the “big” throw, but solely about solving problems, increasing efficiency or optimizing operations and processes. A few examples from practice:

  • Keywording of communication chains in document management, which ensure order within a company for many simultaneous projects
  • AI-driven automation of price calculation processes
  • Automated classification of complaints, support or inquiries
  • Optimization of production processes
  • Automation of lead generation when selecting potential new customers

This list could be continued endlessly. Here it is always about the use of AI to achieve great impact with individual steps, in order to save costs and time, minimize errors and increase effectiveness.

Commercialization of the AI-based solutions

At DDG we go one step further. Because we are not looking for customers, we are looking for partners with challenges in their company, which we can then solve together using artificial intelligence to achieve economic success. Our aim is to join forces with these medium-sized partners who are close to the market, have excellent sector knowledge and know the real needs of the industry or individual sectors. And DDG provides the AI-based solutions.

After the co-innovation phase, the next step is to enter into a co-investment with our partners, which ideally leads to a jointly founded start-up whose solution is then commercialized worldwide. This turns the solution to a challenge from the everyday life of a company into a joint project that also brings economic success.

It doesn’t have to be the world-changing disruption. Small solutions with a big impact – this should be the approach of medium-sized companies.

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