Turning Innovative Ideas Into AI-driven Ventures

Company Building – what does that actually mean? The name suggests it: it is about founding new companies, i.e. startups, with an innovative and usually also disruptive business model.

As an expert in artificial intelligence, we are specialized in AI and data-driven products and services, which we develop together with our SME partners and spin off as joint ventures.

In doing so, we follow a clearly structured and tried-and-tested model – our co-innovation process.

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DDG Co-Innovation

Partnership On Equal Terms

Co-Innovation means creating solutions for real-life business problems with joined forces and marketing the resulting digital products globally, from a dedicated start-up. The basis for our success is the industry knowledge and market access of our partner companies, which puts us in a position to leverage those competences into our technical implementation and execution power, and our experience in setting up companies.

The starting point for the development of a new AI-based product is always a real-life business challenge from our partner company. That’s a core aspect on how we ensure that the resulting products and services offer tangible added value, both for our co-innovation partners, and beyond that, also for entire industry.


That’s How It Works

When it comes to generating innovation, we don’t believe in gambling – which is why we have developed a holistic and clearly structured process that enables us to shorten the path from the idea to an independently operating start-up to a minimum. In this way we also minimize the development costs that we share with our co-innovation partners.

Become A Co-Innovation Partner And Start Your AI-Journey