Case Study

Industry web crawler

Support for sales and marketing activities

DDG AG develops AI- and data-based products and services in a co-innovation with medium-sized companies and establishes innovative joint ventures as a result.

Our partner is regarded as the leading hardware store group in Germany and is permanently introducing new products.

To ensure optimum planning of the individual locations and the associated sales and marketing activities for the respective product, the local competitive situation must first be identified as accurately as possible.

Roxana Dragomir

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Roxana Dragomir

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The Solution

With the help of our AI-powered solution, the local supply is analyzed and evaluated at the outset on a comprehensive and fully automated basis.

On the basis of postal codes, we analyze how many and which providers there are of a certain product in a certain postal code area. For this purpose, the platform of a telephone and address directory is searched and evaluated for providers with the help of our intelligent web crawler.

Value-added for our Partner

The results enrich the customer’s existing database.

Our solution allows for more precise planning of sales and related marketing activities, leading to a direct and noticeable increase in the profitability of the product.

The tool facilitates the introduction of new products by helping to determine the needs of the respective market and to understand the target groups.

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